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  On May 6th,CCTV's old story"Artisan Spirit"column group went into Xi'an Huaheng Instrument Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.,and carefully created the"Artisan Spirit"documentary to explore the development process of the company and the touching story of the workers.
  It is reported that the craftsman spirit is a documentary released by the CCTV old story column.It is hoped that through the program,the spirit of the craftsman will form a consensus in the whole society,making it the inner support of Chinese manufacturing;let the world re-experience the unique charm of Chinese manufacturing,and let the world fall in love with China.
  Xi'an Huaheng Instrument Manufacturing Co., located in Xi'an High-tech Development Zone.Based on Xi'an National Instrument Base,it is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D,production,sales and service of pressure,liquid level,flow instruments and accessories.Over the years,the company has provided high-performance and price-effective transmitter products for China's power,petroleum,chemical,metallurgy,cement,mining,municipal,paper and other industries by virtue of its professional and technical advantages,reliable and stable product quality,and high-quality professional services.It has made important contributions to the development of automation instruments in China.
  In Xi'an Huaheng Instrument Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.,there is a person who is known as the leader of the original Xi'an Instrument Factory,Tian Yulin.He has been struggling for 54 years in the instrumentation industry.He has witnessed the development of China's instrumentation industry from small to large and from weak to strong.The instrument is a very precise equipment.All the details in the production process are revealed by the instrument.It can be said that the instrument is the eye of the data,and it is also my eye.Through this eye,I look at every step I have taken and watch the instrument develop in China.Every step of the way.Tian Yulin said.
  He Xiaogang,general manager of Xi'an Huaheng Instrument Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.said in an interview that Huaheng completed the product layout of intelligent pressure,differential pressure,liquid level and multi-parameter flow instruments based on the premise of mastering core technology.At the same time,it has gathered the predecessors with the spirit of artisans,and the elites who inherit the feelings of the industry.The focus and hard work together will make Huaheng brand become the national brand proud of the Chinese people!
  CCTV's"Artisan Spirit"column director Li Wei said that the selection of Xi'an filming originated from the long history and culture of Daxi'an,especially the scientific research and manufacturing industries are relatively developed.In the production and processing line,there are a large number of skilled workers,who are silently fighting in the front line.Focusing on one thing in one life,a product,creating a miracle after another with a fearless craftsmanship.