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  Mass spectrometer is a kind of instrument which can directly measure the atomic weight or molecular weight of matter.It is one of the most advanced scientific instruments at present.
  Mass spectrometer has the characteristics of direct measurement of substances,high resolution,high sensitivity,high throughput and high accuracy.It has a wide range of applications,involving high-end medical devices,environmental testing,biomedicine,food safety and almost all other fields of analysis and testing.It is a 10 billion-level industry,and can promote trillion-level industry.
  With people's increasing attention to environmental protection,food safety and other issues,the market demand for mass spectrometers is more and more urgent.However,due to the technical bottlenecks of domestic mass spectrometers,they can only meet a small part of the market demand.Most of the domestic mass spectrometer market is occupied by well-known foreign mass spectrometer manufacturers(such as Agilent,Somerfly,Waters,etc.).
  According to the statistics released by Zhiyan Consulting,in 2018,China's mass spectrometer output was 2,004,the number of imports was 12,617,the number of exports was 6949,and the national mass spectrometer demand was 25,672.
  Recently,the Sino-US trade war has continued to heat up,and both sides have expressed their attitudes.As a member of the instrumentation industry,the small catalogue of instrumentation network will also focus on various instrumentation and related products in US imports of$60 billion.
  Among them,mass spectrometry instruments represented by mass spectrometry(Customs No.90278012)are classified as the lowest level of 5%in the tariff rate.However,as a high-end precision analytical instrument,and the main instrument imported from China,mass spectrometry products have attracted the attention of relevant instrument manufacturers at home and abroad for their high technical content,wide application and high price.
  This time,the United States launched a trade war,and China has made its position clear.In the CCTV news broadcast on May 13,the host Kang Hui broadcasted an international critical comment entitled"China is ready for a comprehensive response",which attracted great attention.The opening of trade war will inevitably have an impact on China's mass spectrometry industry.Only by continuously strengthening technological innovation and import substitution,can domestic instrument enterprises reduce the impact in this"trade war".
  In the 1960s,China produced the first mass spectrometer.However,due to some historical reasons,the development and production of mass spectrometers in China has not been continued,and there is a big gap with the international level.The market share of mass spectrometers in the international market is very low,and the domestic mass spectrometer market can only participate in the competition of low-end products.
  With the continuous development of China's economy,environmental pollution,food safety and other issues have become increasingly prominent,which put forward an urgent need for the development of high-end scientific instruments.As an important global market for mass spectrometers,China has attracted more and more attention from instrument manufacturers.Domestic instrument manufacturers are also committed to building high-end domestic mass spectrometers.
  For example,10 years ago,there was only one prototype of Hexin instrument that could not work.Ten years later,in 2018,Hexin instrument has become a leader in the domestic industry.Hexin instrument has fully mastered the core technology and complete assembly process of time-of-flight mass spectrometry(TOFMS)with fully independent intellectual property rights.Many mass spectrometry technologies and products have filled the gaps in the field of mass spectrometry and high-end environmental protection instruments at home and abroad.
  At present,Hexin instrument technology has been applied in more than 200 cities in China,and exported to the United States and Germany,creating the history of China's first large-scale sophisticated scientific instruments exported to Europe and the United States.
  Zhou Zhen,chairman of Hexin Instruments,said that mass spectrometry instrument is very important for a country and a nation.It took Hexin Instrument itself 10 years to be the national leader,but it must be acknowledged that there is still a big gap between Hexin Instruments and other countries.
  Therefore,China should pay more attention to mass spectrometer technology as soon as possible,formulate reasonable and effective development plans,increase R&D investment and support,speed up the industrialization process,so as to shorten the gap between China and the leading countries in mass spectrometry technology.
  The Sino-US trade war has begun.There is a saying in Su Shi's"On Liuhou"that"there are brave people in the world,who will not be surprised when they come,and will not be angry for no reason.This is a very big hijacker and far-reaching ambition.Maybe China is the hero that Su Shi refers to.