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  "Home is the smallest country,country is tens of millions of families...".This week's hottest event is the"escalation of the Sino-US trade war".The escalation of the trade war has affected a wide range of industries and enterprises.For a time,netizens have been talking about it.Where will the instrument industry go if 25%tariff is imposed?
  Since May 10,the United States has raised its tariff on$200 billion of Chinese products from 10%to 25%.The United States has further threatened to initiate a 25%tax on the remaining$325 billion of Chinese imports to the United States.As a countermeasure,on the evening of May 13,the Tariff and Tax Commission of the State Council of China decided to raise tariff rates on imports originating in the United States of America of about$60 billion from 0:00 on June 1,2019.
  Among them,2493 tax items are subject to 25%tariff,1078 tax items are subject to 20%tariff,and 974 tax items are subject to 10%tariff.Fifty-five tax items are still subject to a 5%tariff.In terms of specific commodity categories,5%are mainly concentrated in chemical industry and instruments,10%and 20%are related to food,while agricultural products and food account for a larger proportion in the highest 25%tax bracket.
  As China's high-end analytical instruments rely heavily on imports,the impact of tariffs on instruments will be inevitable.
The Impact of Sino-US Trade War on Export Enterprises
  The sensitivity ranking of Chinese industries to US exports is:electronic equipment>mechanical equipment>garment manufacturing(textile)>metal products>Furniture>chemical products>plastic and rubber products>food.
  Event fermentation,so far,has not heard too much impact on the instrumentation industry,many companies said that the company's business income and daily operations have no impact.At the same time,we will also pay close attention to the development of the situation,take effective measures to safeguard the interests of enterprises,reduce the possible risks of trade with the United States,and maintain communication and exchanges with investors.Of course,there are also many enterprises in the industry that say that in the future,tariffs will gradually weaken the impact of corporate costs through product upgrading.
  In the long run,instrumentation manufacturers with capacity in Taiwan or Southeast Asia may benefit from where they can transfer orders to avoid tariffs.For those non-Chinese instrument manufacturers,Chinese companies may continue to face low price competition because they sells few instruments to the United States and divert the rest of their products to other non-American markets.Lower prices will have a serious impact on the prices of instrument products.
The Impact of Sino-US Trade War on Market Structure
  As early as in the news broadcast of the previous few days,China had already expressed its attitude:not willing to fight,but also not afraid to fight,if necessary,have to fight.Manifesto of rigidity,the people applaud one by one.On the contrary,on the second day of the incident,the Dow Jones index plummeted,and Americans had to pay for it.Even the chief economic adviser of the White House publicly acknowledged that the trade war would lose both ways.
  Everything has a good side and a bad side.We should know that the medium and low-grade products of our instrument industry have a certain international market competitiveness and export volume is large,but the high-end analytical instruments rely heavily on imports,almost 100%.Increasing demand for high-end products,these high-end instruments are still dependent on imports,which is enough for us to clearly see the huge technological gap between ourselves and the United States and the serious dependence on the core technology of the United States.The recent"ZTE Event"is a good example.As far as the United States is concerned,it is difficult to achieve self-sufficiency of light industrial products because of its high labor costs.It is still necessary to import from other countries.So it's a rational view that some people openly admit that trade wars will lose and lose.
  At the same time,with the escalation of the Sino-US trade war,the market structure will face redistribution,tariffs will increase,the cost of many products will be greatly increased,the purchasing power of users may decline,and the next step may be to choose Import and export commodities from other countries instead.This new trade pattern will be opened.Of course,under the impact of the monopoly of high-end analytical instruments in the United States,China will further break through the technical barriers,move towards higher technological progress,and realize the autonomy of high-end analytical instruments as soon as possible.