The chief engineer / chief designer of Huaheng instrument is the factory director / technical backbone from the former Xi'an Instrument Factory. As a standardized production enterprise based on the northwest and facing the whole country / Southeast Asia, it has experienced more than 11 years of wind and rain since the establishment of the company


Tian Gaolin, chief engineer of Huaheng Instrument Co., Ltd., has been striving for 54 years of ups and downs of domestic instruments and meters since he entered Xi'an Instrument Factory in 1972. Tian Gaolin, former deputy chief engineer of Xi'an Instrument Factory, has been working hard for several months in the field of domestic instruments and meters. After 46 years, he witnessed the development of China's testing instrument industry from small to large, from weak to strong.


"The instrument is a very precise equipment. All the details in the production process are shown through the instrument. It can be said that the instrument is the eye for finding data, and it is also my eye. Through this eye, I can see every step I have gone through and every step of the development of the instrument in China." Said Tian Gaolin.


There are many instrument people in our circle of friends. If you brush the circle of friends from time to time, you will see many instrument people. Every day, you will share in the circle of friends articles like "instrument people must learn: Secrets of instrument selection XXX", "removal and installation skills of dozens of chemical instruments" and other similar pieces to share your new learning results. You will feel that you will not progress in this day if you don't turn around.


In the past ten years, Huaheng has completed the research and development of intelligent pressure, differential pressure, liquid level and multi parameter flow meters on the premise of mastering the core technology. At the same time, we have gathered the forerunners with craftsmanship spirit, the elites who have inherited the feelings of the industry, and together focus and efforts will make Huaheng brand become the national brand of Chinese pride! "


There is a famous theory called "ten thousand hours law", which believes that ten thousand hours of practice can make ordinary people become masters. Tian Fulin, a 79 year old instrument man, has been engaged in the production line for more than 50 years. The products processed from his hands have won national awards for many times. Although he has retired, he has also been reemployed to the production line to continue "mentoring" and inherit the spirit of "craftsman".


Corresponding to our own real life. Huaheng craftsmen learn from masters, read and think more, and learn from big men. Huaheng craftsmen may not achieve their achievements. But the thinking, pattern and realm of Huaheng craftsmen will certainly surpass those of their peers. This is the invisible value that reading brings to the craftsman of Huaheng.


Huaheng transmitter manufacturer's understanding of craftsman's spirit; the original intention of craftsman's spirit is to do a good job in a lifetime, and it will become "craftsman" In the view of Huaheng transmitter manufacturers, it's not too hard to stick to an industry for a lifetime. Their generation is devoted to doing their own business. Indeed, when the technology or industry is in the early stage of development, we are competing for door to door access, but with the development of the industry into the deep-water area, both individuals and enterprises need to go deep, master a core technology, achieve a precision, like Huaheng transmitter manufacturers to achieve "constant change".


Tian, chief engineer of Huaheng transmitter factory, once said that he would constantly improve the competitiveness of products, improve the service of supporting measures, accelerate the development of value-added products of transmitters, enrich product series, no longer only make a single product, increase the extension of skill type effect, facilitate the daily use of customers, drive the leap of technical standards of the whole industry, and make pressure transmitters It's a very simple understanding of craftsmen in big countries to really enter the development direction of science and technology. We will continue to uphold the "craftsman spirit" of "craftsman Hua Heng instrument will continue to do one thing well" in our life. While producing and researching, our R & D team will continue to enrich technology and improve product performance by conducting numerous tests on the instrument in various environments, so as to make the industrial automation instrument an economic and durable product to promote the industrial development of our country and become a domestic instrument Table industry leader.